Ambushed police officer thankful the suspect carried a Taurus

The concept of a shotgun pistol sure sounds cool, but the effectiveness of this weapon is still questionable.

A Deputy Sheriff from Troup County Georgia was allegedly ambushed by a suspect carrying a Taurus Judge loaded with .410 shotgun shells.

No, Deputy Michael Hockett was not trespassing. The suspect’s father requested what is known as a “welfare check” for his 28-year-old son, Matthew Edmondson, who was living on his property. This is a completely legal and constitutional police function requested by the property owner. Even if Deputy Hockett had been trespassing, which he was not, Edmondson broke the law first by shooting the deputy’s vehicle and again by pursuing the fleeing deputy.

Ultimately whether the deputy should have been there or not is inconsequential. The point of this video is to show the ineffectiveness of .410 shot fired from a shotgun pistol. Had Edmondson been packing .45 long colts it may have been a completely different story that would have likely ended Deputy Hockett’s life.

Deputy Hockett was hit in his forehead, elbow, and waist with the tiny pellets but was able to return fire and hit Edmondson in the arm. Edmonson returned to his house where he kept his mother hostage against her will.

A SWAT team was called in and Edmondson eventually surrendered after a standoff that lasted several hours. According to WSB-TV, an Atlanta ABC affiliate, Edmonson has been arrested and charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and false imprisonment.

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