Man shoots moose with his GLOCK after being attacked.

A 51-year-old man with a life-threatening heart condition fended off a 1,000 pound moose with a Glock when it started attacking him and his son.

The moose charged the man, so he quickly chambered a round into his pistol and fired several rounds into the animal before speeding past it, Field and Stream reports.

Before shooting the animal, the father tried scaring it away by making loud noises, but to no avail. After being struck in the chest by the moose, he used his pistol to eliminate the threat.
Man Shoots Moose

The man reportedly has a heart condition, too. A moose is huge and has tremendous force when kicking with its hooves. After attacking the man the moose moves on but by this time the man has his gun in hand and is chambering a round. The moose turns back, facing them, and the father shoots it multiple times with his pistol.

Was the moose aggressive and defending its turf? Was the father in the clear to protect himself since a powerful, slashing moose hoof could severely injure or kill him?

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