Teen awakes to agonizing pain, learns he’s the victim of a cruel new viral challenge

Nickolas Conrad was attending a sleepover with six other friends when he woke up in agonizing pain. He had just become the latest victim of a cruel new prank that’s going viral.

The “Hot Water Challenge” encourages teens to drink or pour boiling water on their unsuspecting friends. “I felt this really bad burning on my neck,” Nickolas explained. “I went to the bathroom and realized that this had happened then they told me they had poured the hot water on me.”

Boiling water is capable of causing third degree burns in just seconds, and at least one child has already died from this challenge.

Eight-year-old Ki’ari Pope was dared to drink boiling water through a straw in March, 2017. She was hospitalized with sever burns and received a tracheotomy. Sadly, she eventually died from complications associated with her injuries.

Crying in pain, Nickolas was rushed to the hospital by his mother. The other teens claimed they didn’t know how hot the water was. Nickolas says he’s no longer friends with the other boys responsible for such a cruel prank. Now his mother is sharing his story hoping more parents will speak to their children about this dangerous and senseless prank.

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